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Small bathrooms renovations
Adds a little WOW! to your house.

To renovate a bathroom which is smaller, could be much more complicated than in the case of a normal bathroom renovation. Hence, a small bathroom renovation approach should be different.  Just because your bathroom may be limited in space doesn't mean it has to be limited in style. 

All it takes is some creative redesign of the existing layout.

You will find that our bathroom remodeling contractors work quickly and efficiently, while paying special attention to detail. Contact Chris Chapman Bathroom Renovations - your bathroom renovator today!

Your small bathroom can look like a jewel without a huge investment  With changes of lighting and mirrors and wall paint you can achieve amazing effects.

Many of you would probably know the normal tricks used during a bathroom renovation in order to make a bathroom appear bigger than its actual size:

  • using light color bathroom tiling
  • smaller and mounted basins
  • changing your fixtures
  • lighting
  • floors

All of these can make a world of difference!

One of the challenges of renovating a small bathroom, is to make sure it will reflect your personality and style.

There are several ways to give it new life to your old small bathroom, despite the challenges and restrictions. I t just requires very careful planning and a little creativity.

We have many tips for choosing the right lighting, showers, and sinks for your bathroom remodel when you don't have a lot of space.

 Whether your have own ideas for your bathroom design or you need our expert opinion call us today to explore design options for your bathroom space!