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Bathroom tiling
Tile selection is the most important aspect of the bathroom as a wrong choice might be very costly. Re-tiling the bathroom is like starting the project all over again.

Adding new tiles to your bathroom or laundry is a great way to add style and character to your room.   You can turn your old bathroom into something you love by just choosing right tiles.

To avoid costly problems and get quality work at a fair price we offer a competitive tiling service undertaking all aspects of tiling for your bathroom.  Christ Chapman offers professional bathroom tiling services, for any budget. We can successfully meet any tiling needs and projects while offering fully comprehensive services It will be worth it in the longer term.

Tiling is a great way to customise your bathroom and make it a true oasis. The concept of tiling is far more complex than you think. Chris completely understands it and over the years, he managed to make from it a successful business. Perfect tiling arrangement is essential for a stylish, modern bathroom. Our tiling staff can provide you with a professional, affordable way to enjoy your bathroom for years.

Why use our tiling services?

  • we can do all tiling work cost effectively
  • top quality workmanship
  • modern tiling materials: such as ceramics, marble, travertine, granite, porcelain, slate, mosaics
  • tile choice & designs advice
  • attention to details
  • impeccable tiling services according to the client’s specifications
  • as experienced tillers we have all the necessary tools and equipments to carry out the tiling job for you
  • complete bathroom, shower and wet room tiling
  • as a professional tiling service we come and take proper measurements of the floor and/or walls and we save you money on accurately estimating how many tiles you need.
  • we start the work once we understand all the needs of our clients
  • we are licensed and insured
  • guarantee on the workmanship

By entrusting us with your tiling project, you can be rest assured that your bathroom will reflect your lifestyle and unique personality!

We are big enough to provide guaranteed workmanship and small enough to provide personalised service to our  clients.