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Bathrooms brands guide and advice

Everyone loves a bathroom that is not only functional but is also comfortable and beautiful. We try to focus on function to meet your needs but also on aesthetic aspects of bathroom design.

Home owners tend to choose certain bathroom accessories based on how they look. In designing a bathroom, the question of what accessories to choose is important one. You can’t just go on shopping for bathrooms accessories without any idea on what to buy.  With so many choices when it comes to bathroom fixtures and fittings, how do you decide on what to buy for your bathroom?

We would like to help you to make this task a bit easier and  share our experience with you. So when you find the perfect pieces to satisfy your bathroom design you are sure you have chosen well.

We would like you to consider

  • The function
  • Aesthetic impact to the entire bathroom
  • Budget


Please allow us to give you some guidance on how you can choose bathroom fixtures and accessories.  We often hear questions like " I need to buy a new toilet. Which brand would you recommend?" or " which brand you recommend for a tub? " In this section we will keep adding our expert opinion for some known brands and explain why we tend to choose one over the others.




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