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Carpentry, windows and more
Experience the difference

Your bathroom remodeling may require carpentry work to refit doors and windows, replace skirting and install wooden floor boards. Our experienced carpenters will attend to all your needs. The great carpentry work is not only needed for building  extensions but also to fix existing problems. For example fitting, resizing old windows or changing door sizes. When you walk around homes,  you will never miss well designed wooden items like floors, decks, doors and windows.

To have great carpenter on the team is vital, especially when it comes to bathroom renovations.

we will take on any structural work such as moving windows and door
we can supply you with a new timber or aluminium framed window
why no consider a skylight or glass blocks to add light to your bathroom
our installers can come to you to discuss your requirements

With rising electricity costs we are all looking for ways to reduce our power usage. We can help you get the most from natural light in your bathroom. You could brighten your bathroom by adding a hi-lite window above your vanity or why not give your existing window a face lift?

You can choose from fixed, awning or sliding style and a selection of opaque, frosted or decorative glass, for privacy. Perhaps you would rather glass blocks or a skylight to add extra light to your bathroom.

There are so many options to consider. We can help you make the right choice for your bathroom.